Banner combining design and photography, with the message "Step into the spotlight" and a creative product photography of a green Etnies sneakers shoe, in a step-like position and a long shadow under it.

Your Product is The Hero

We know that your products are the star of the show, and we’re here to help you shine with our top-quality visual services.
Combining Photography and Graphic Design, we create visually appealing content to set your brand apart from your competitive market.

Product photography on white background, of 3 whiskey bottles: Pink 47, Pink Royal and Twilight Diamond. The whiskey bottles are well lit, have vivid colors, and clean reflections.

about us

We are Duaal

Hi! We are Radu and Alina and together we are Duaal Studio.

Our services are strategically crafted to help you showcase your products in the best possible light, ensuring that your brand stands out from the competition.

If you are a retail or e-commerce business and you are struggling with selling your products online, our problem-solving approach to visual content creation can help you increase sales and captivate your audience.

We are dedicated to delivering the impactful results your business deserves, ensuring that your products are presented in the most captivating and professional manner.

our services

High quality visual solutions

We help businesses improve their visual presence with exceptional Photography, Video and Graphic Design services, from Eindhoven.

Tailored services

We will create what is best for your company, according to your needs and requirements


We find solutions to your problems and present your product in a creative way


A clean design and photography will communicate your brand's value and help increase sells

New service

360° Immersive Product Experience

Experience the World in Full Perspective with our 360° video presentation!
Step into a new dimension of engagement as we transport your audience into an immersive 360° video presentation of your product!

Why settle for ordinary when you can wow your audience with extraordinary?

Impression of a 360 degrees Audio Technica headphones, with a front photo in full color, and after it, 4 other photos that show a gradual look, from front to side.


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We proudly present some of our latest work.

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